Top places to stay in Auckland this summer

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand that is well known for its international air-travel hub. It is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. Millions of people visit this beautiful destination each year.

Most of the international flights arrive at New Zealand, through Auckland’s International Airport. This is what makes Auckland an ideal city for tourists from all over the world. If you ever got a chance to visit New Zealand, do start your exploration from the splendid city of Auckland.

Whenever you make a visit to this splendid place, stay there for at least a day or two. Some of the best thing about being there is to explore the rich culture of the city. There are many museums in Auckland, i.e. the Auckland Art Gallery which are the city’s most popular attractions.

The Auckland Art Gallery is the biggest art institution present in New Zealand. The museum features more than 15,000 artworks of modern, historic, and contemporary art.

Artists from all over the world come to this city for exploring the museums. If the city’s weather is nice, do make your visit at the 185-acre Auckland Domain Park.

Luckily, if you’re visiting Auckland on a Saturday, must stop at the Parnell Farmers’ Market. This market is famous for selling fresh produce in the morning.

Auckland is popular because of the presence of multicultural bars and restaurants there. These restaurants serve all types of cuisine. If in Auckland, make sure to dine in at downtown Auckland.

It is a perfect place for food, cocktails, and nightlife. Besides this, if you’re looking for adventurous activities in Auckland, do try the Auckland Bridge Climb.

If you are brave enough, try the Auckland Bridge bungee jump. It’s scary but too much adventurous. For a complete guide, book an Auckland City Tour guide.

No matter where do you stay in Auckland, but you should be somewhere your stay gets memorable. Do stay at CityLife Auckland.

It is located within a walking distance from different attractions of Auckland. Some of the famous attractions present near the hotel are a harbor, North and Princes Wharf, and the Sky Tower.

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